Peaceful parenting class

The Peaceful Parenting Course is a connective, engaging, and holistic 4-week coaching program designed to equip parents of children ages birth through 13 with science backed and research-based tools to help your family raise emotionally intelligent and resilient children. After this 4-

week coaching program, you will have a personalized plan to help you best handle your child's anxious, defiant, and dysregulated behaviors without threats, bribes, or punishments. Your whole family will feel the freedom and peace of fewer meltdowns and more connection.

This 4-week course is taught by Danielle Jones, licensed professional counselor. Danielle specializes in marriage and family life and walks with families through anxiety, life transition, and behavioral struggles. Using her training as a counselor, her own life experience as a mom of three children and her background in pastoral ministries, she hopes to join you and your family and give you the best science-backed tools for overcoming daily struggles and handling the aggression, emotions, and meltdowns that can take the joy and peace out of family life.

Register by calling the church at (517) 625-3400.